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Director, Mary C. Okafor, Ed.D., LPC-S


The policy and procedure at Oasis Counseling and Educational Services for requesting/releasing documents are as follows:


1.  A consent form must be signed by the client, prior to the release of any information or document.


2. Documents may not be released on cases that show an unpaid or outstanding balance, until the balance is paid in full.


3. A minimum of two weeks should be allowed for the release of regular documents.


4. Fees are assessed for the preparation and release of documents as follows:


      $85.00 for regular documents

      $150.00 for MBTI testing and training, or specialized testing results

      $250.00 for court related documents

(Some agency sharing of documents for service coordination may not attract these fees)


Oasis Counseling and Educational Services reserves the right to adjust its fees in keeping with its client needs. Special circumstances and requests for fee adjustment should be brought to the attention of the Director for discussion and possible action.

Payment is due before or at the time service is rendered. Special payment arrangements can be made. For example, it is possible to arrange fees to be paid in advance over a period of time, or in lump sum. A $30.00 fee is assessed on all returned checks. This fee is subject to change consistent with rates being currently charged by the banks.




I believe that it is important for clients to attend all sessions they scheduled; except, of course, in a genuine emergency. Missed or cancelled sessions are counterproductive and increase the time it takes to bring change which you entered counseling to make. It is your responsibility to keep track of your appointment date and time. Our voicemail is available after hours, 24 hours a day, with a confidential message center. Please give at least a 24 hour notice for cancellations. Most insurance and managed care companies do not pay for the same day cancellation/No show session that you miss. If this is the case with your insurance/managed care company, then, we will bill you directly to pay out of pocket before giving you another appointment.


Please sign the following statement to indicate that you have read and understand this policy:


I have read and understood your policy concerning missed sessions. I understand that I will be billed for all avoidable missed sessions and late cancellations for which I have not given 24 hours notice. I agree to pay for these sessions.