Fees and Prices

Individuals and families want the best for those they love, as well as for themselves. We have designed our services to not only address current issues challenging the individual and/or family, but to also work with the client towards a healthier future. Our therapists are trained to listen carefully, while offering necessary support and guidance to create a meaningful experience for the client.




·  Individual therapy

·  Couple/Marriage therapy

·  Family therapy

·  Assessments

* SASSI testing

   (SASSI effectively screens for substance use disorders)

·  Classes: Classes are conducted for a group of 5 or more people.

* Anger Management

* Parenting

* Truancy




Our fees are based on a 50 minutes session

·  We accept most major insurances, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and private-pay clients.

·  Insurance/EAP clients are charged based on their insurance/employee benefits (contact your insurance for details).


·  The rate for private-pay clients per session is as follows:

* Initial/In-take:  $120

* Individual therapy:  $115

* Couple/Marriage therapy:  $125

* Family therapy:  $135

·  Classes


* In-take: $30 (includes registration, workbook, and evaluation)

* Each class/group session:  $25

* Individual session:  $60 a session (available upon request)

* Duration: 12 sessions or as needed